D’Alverny Avocats, partner of the Step Challenge

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d’Alverny Avocats supported the solidarity initiative organized by Wandercraft on December 8th and 9th by sponsoring a challenge for the benefit of the Telethon (D’Alverny Avocats partner of the #Atalante Exoskeleton Step Challenge organized by Wandercraft for the #Téléthon2023 (AFM-Téléthon)!).

Over the weekend, a Step Challenge was organized in the grand tradition of the Telethon’s long-distance challenges. The goal was simple: take as many steps as possible with the three self-stabilizing exoskeletons available.

d’Alverny Avocats, a long-time supporter of Wandercraft, was delighted to take part in this event in support of medical research.